WikiLink 1.7.0 - 22/05/2015
I've just published the latest version of the WikiLink plugin to the Chrome Web Store. As well as fixing a couple of old issues, version 1.7 introduces a set of optional context menus. Context menus appear in Chrome when you right click on something you have selected. By default, no context menus are enabled, but you can easily add the ones you want from the Context Menu Options tab of the extension's options page.
Comments Update (Again) - 05/02/2015
Due to the lack of official support for Google+ comments, I've moved over to Disqus comments. Hopefully that will give me all the notification & moderation functionality I need without making it any harder to comment.
Nexus for PC on Amazon - 25/01/2015
Nexus of Power is now available for PC through Amazon's Digital Games Store.
Comments Update - 02/09/2014
I have just updated the website to use Google+ for the comments system on this website. It keeps the benefit of the old system, in that you don't require a TezSoft specific login, whilst at the same time allowing you to post under a consistent name.
Le Game Jam - 06/07/2014
During the week just passed, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Le Game Jam with team 1.21 Gigabytes. The event was hosted by Jagex Game Studio in Cambridge and turned out to be remarkably well organised and fun, so many thanks to the organisers! If you would like to check out the game we made, you can play it online here. The game requires a gamepad controller to play, and is a full length course of le Tour de France. Also congratulations to Smashed Crab, the winning team in Cambridge!
Abacus Update - 09/06/2014
In response to a user request, I've added a button to the Abacus App to allow you to toggle the numbers on and off. This should make it easier to test your ability to read the abacus without assistance. The update has been published on all stores and should be available soon.
Mobile Support - 03/06/2014
I've finally got around to adding support for mobile browsers to the website. Hopefully viewing this website on a mobile or phablet will now be a considerably more pleasant experience!! That said, please do let me know if you notice any anomalies with the new mobile site. To view the menu, just swipe to the right, and swipe left to return to the page content.
Nexus & RADAR on - 29/04/2014
Since the closure of Intel AppUp, I've been looking for a new store through which to distribute the Windows versions of Nexus of Power and RADAR. Well finally, I discovered, a free store for indie games. Accordingly, I've published both Nexus and RADAR to and they are available to download now! Just head over to the software section of the website to find the links to the new download pages.
WikiLink Patch - 09/04/2014
Following the patch for WikiHub, I've now fixed the same issue that existed in WikiLink. Unfortunately, this has meant that I've had to remove support for monitoring your WikiData watchlist through the extension, but searching WikiData from the omnibar should now be working once again.
WikiHub Patch - 08/04/2014
I just released a quick patch for WikiHub, which was crashing due to a change in the WikiData URL. The website should now be fixed and working as normal.
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